Mac disk utility erase failed name invalid

I will be linking this solution to other forums in the future. Excellent post! It worked the 1st time for me, and i also had to stumble across the interweb minefield before finding this solution. Thank you! I did Google your error, and came across this workaround. Do you know what might be causing this?

Your password is being accepted. There are just no dots or asterisks to indicate so. What to do when the problem happens when i am trying to erase the internal hard drive to sell my pac book pro? Try booting into recovery mode holding down Cmd-R during bootup and then erasing it from there. Great tip. This worked great. Took a lot of time to find it but was a flawless solution.

Cannot erase USB flash drive, “name invalid” –

Thanks very much. I have been trying off and on for weeks to get rid of this error. I searched high and low and your directions were the easiest to follow and actually worked!! Thank you very very much. When I try to do this I get an errror on the terminal saying Sudo command unknown… Any ideas? I would suggest copy and paste. Standard accounts do not have enough privileges to escalate using sudo. I was trying to install tacos sierra on my iMac So now i have two broken internal hard drives. Have an external hard drive, which i used to boot up the iMac with el capitan, but i am still in the process of trying to erase the internal drive.

Thank You! Sierra is still beta, right? If the external El Capitan absolutely refuses to unmount the disk, can you try booting into Recovery Mode hold down Cmd-R while booting up and then using Disk Utility there? Unmounting disk Wiping volume data to prevent future accidental probing failed. Operation failed….

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Based on the output you posted, your disk might have unmounted just fine. It looks as if the failure came from the wiping part. Thanks so much for the quick and easy tip. Worked like a charm for me to reformat an external drive. Is there a way to work around needing a password? You may be able to rectify this issue by booting into single user mode, and then after the fsck scan renaming the home folder back.

You really have to tackle one problem at a time. First, figure out your password. I am trying to format a windows pre-formatted hard drive to use on my mac.

MacOS sierra Boot error ,Disk utility error 202 and solution

I watched the video posted here that says to partition it, but my partition button is greyed out, what can I try next? If it successfully unmounts the volumes, the volumes are unmounted and thus should not show up in Finder.

Disk Utility Tool (Mac OS X )

Also, can you show us the output of the commands that clean the drive, so we can assist you in making sure they ran properly? Can you send us a dump of those 8 MBs for us to analyze?

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Sure, what would be the best way to do it? EDIT: Ok. Now, should I post it here? Awesome, thanks a lot man. Selecting this entry should resolve most formatting issues. The indented entries are the volumes. This is important because when erasing the drive you will get different options depending on whether you have the volume or disk selected. Which is why selecting the non-indented entry is important when formatting the drive.

What is that This is typical and not an issue when using the drive as NTFS.

Understanding and Fixing the APFS Container Bug in macOS Disk Utility - The Mac Observer

For more technical information see Microsoft documentation - here. If you plan on using the drive for Mac only then you will want to erase the disk. If you will be going between Mac and Windows then there should be no issues. Apple requires at least MB for this volume which is why this error occurs. For more technical information see Apple documentation - here.

There maybe other ways to resolve this issue but the easiest way is to erase the disk and set it up with a GUID scheme. This will delete all existing volumes which will allow Apple to create their volumes with the correct amount of space.

How to fix invalid volume directory/file count in Disk Utility?

Remember if GUID is not an available option then Show All Devices in the upper left is not selected as shown in the beginning of the article. Why is the partition button grayed out? This was first seen in macOS If you hover over the partition button you can see the tooltip provided by Apple.

If you are using it for Mac only then select a format specifically for macOS. If you have something open on the drive like a Disk Image or if something else is keeping the drive busy, you may see this error.